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Milli Council Meeting Demands Minority Protection Bill

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New Delhi: The working committee meeting of the All India Milli Council was held online on March 14. The meeting examined the current state of affairs in the country and offered recommendations for improving the communal environment. Following the outcomes of the five assembly elections, the council stated that there is no need to be depressed because such periods come and go.

Council President Maulana Hakeem Mohammad Abdullah Mughisi remarked in his presidential address that we must be concerned about the current situation in the country. Still, we must tackle it with resolve and courage. As a result, there isn’t any room for conjecture. “We were working together,” he remarked, referring to the recent elections in five states and their results. “But the opposition’s approach has hurt, but we also need to send a message to them.”

Dr. Muhammad Manzoor Alam, the Council’s General Secretary, stated that there are some scenarios for which we need to develop a better plan. On humanitarian grounds, we must engage with all concerned citizens of this country, particularly those among our compatriots who believe in the country’s constitution and democratic values. It is also planned to open the door to further engagement with religious leaders from other faiths. The work that has been done in this area in the recent past needs to be rethought, and they need to be trusted with their concerns and difficulties, and a systematic movement needs to be initiated.

To carry out the tasks at the organizational level across the country with enthusiasm while adhering to the fundamental provisions of the constitution. It should be mentioned that Assembly elections in Karnataka and Gujarat are scheduled next year and at the end of the year, respectively, and national elections in 2024.

The meeting also stressed the need to pressure the Indian government to introduce a Minority Protection Bill to protect minorities.

The meeting included Dr. Yasin Ali Usmani, Maulana Anis-ur-Rehman Qasmi, Maulana Abdul Aleem Bhatkali Qasmi, Yousuf Hatim Machhala Advocate Mumbai, Hafiz Rashid Ahmed Chaudhry Advocate Guwahati, Maulana Syed Mustafa Rifai Jilani Nadvi Bangalore, Muhammad Asim Seth Feroz Bangalore, Suleiman Khan Bangalore, and others.