The first Muslim  woman,  Dr. Asma Banu,  was Appointed the  Principal of BMC

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The first Muslim woman, Dr. Asma Banu, was Appointed the Principal of BMC

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Bengaluru (Salar News): For the first time in the history of Bangalore Medical College (BMC), a Muslim woman Dr. Asma Bano has been appointed as the Principal. Dr. Asma was appointed to MC in 2000 after completing her undergraduate and post-registration in medicine from BMRI. She was posted at Victoria Hospital. Seeing her interest and passion in the field of teaching, the students there considered her as their favorite teacher. After that, in 2005 she served as the head of the biology department. In 2021, she was transferred to Vani Vilas Hospital.

The doctor said that teaching is her hobby and has written 60 articles on Neurosurgery.

She has also served as a B&S member at Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science till 2016 and as Control Officer and Quality Head of MPO at BECRI. She was given many responsibilities in her career. She also started ETP in Victoria and Boring Hospitals. Firma Care Center was also started.

She is the Nodal Officer of the first hospital in Karnataka to be nominated for Covid, for this service she was awarded the Kacha Gowda Award. Also honored with Priya Drashti Award, Paul Harris Fellow, and Rotary Awards. As BME Purcell, her speech was followed by leaders and dignitaries.