A Resolution of Positive Thinking

Desperation in the Saffron Ranks
Introspection is the Need of the Hour
Behind the Legislative Deprivation

Success stories of many people, past and present, reveal that their journey of life has been marked by positive thinking. There is no way to get out of the tunnel of darkness and into the light “‹other than through cultivating a positive mindset.
Positivity is needed globally, of course. Like everyone else, Muslims can do a world of good for themselves (and for others) by adopting a positive attitude in all aspects of life. This is “‹how they can”‹ rise “‹out of”‹ the mess that they collectively find themselves in across the world.
Educational progress, employment opportunities and even spiritual growth are possible for Muslims if they stop brooding about the past and begin to live in the present while cultivating a balanced, moderate and positive approach to handling all the issues that confront them.
It is really hard to find positive news about Muslims in the media today. There is no need to blame others for this. It’s Muslims “‹ themselves”‹ who need to reflect and introspect why this is so. It’s high time they came out of the seemingly safe shell of the blame-game and worked “‹ harder to rise higher in all sectors of society.
Why blame the West, East, South or North? Why be anti or against other faiths or religions? Why always be on the defensive? Why not learn to respect and learn from good things from others, like gentle manners, punctuality, honesty, hard work? Why not also recognize and appreciate the beautiful “‹values”‹ that other religions also stand for, such as compassion towards all creatures of God, modesty, “‹and humility?
“‹”‹The deeper the Muslim community drowns itself in “‹”‹self-pity and the victimhood syndrome, the deeper it will fall into the well of darkness. We should remember that God helps those who help themselves, not those who do not do anything at all to reform their lives.”‹
Muslims can build a bright future if they reach out to the world by becoming an asset for others, including through engaging in social work in all fields, setting up organizations for the vulnerable, good quality hospitals, schools and organizations that protect the environment and help animals”¦.the list is almost endless! And such initiatives should aim to help people irrespective of religion.
If Muslims are busy being socially-engaged in positive activities of reaching out to others, they’ll discover that they have absolutely no time to get into negativity and play blame games and wallow in self pity.
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had to face many trials and tribulations while on his mission to convey God’s word, yet he did not go into negativity or blame anybody for any situation. His strong faith and trust in God took him through all the difficulties that he faced. From mending his own clothes at home to setting up a society based on moral values, the Prophet personified positivity!
With the new year ahead of us in just a few days, Muslims””individually and collectively””can resolve to develop a positive mindset in all aspects of their lives, starting from their own homes, and then going on to the wider society, the country and the world at large!