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I have recently read your article titled, “Muslims Donate Land for World’s Largest Temple” in the June 2015 issue of Islamic Voice. One thing I could not understand is that, what is Islamic about this news? How could you even publish an article on this topic? According to my knowledge, IV is an Islamic magazine, and does anything like a temple come under this topic? How can anything like this be published in an Islamic magazine? If any other business magazines would have covered this topic, it would have been fine. But in an Islamic magazine, it should strictly be avoided. In future, kindly publish only Islamic articles.
Rasheedur Rahman Shihab
[email protected]

Editor replies:
Thanks for the mail!
We wonder if you have been a regular reader of Islamic Voice. The magazine has been consistently reporting events and taking up issues that relate to Muslim existence and relevance of Islam in the current age and Indian society. A magazine need not follow pattern of a religious scripture or literature. It has to report, respond, react to and comment upon the issues pertaining to the section of readers it addresses. Muslims do not live like frozen cubes in the Hindu majority India. Some build walls to create their exclusive domain, others build bridges with communities they live with. The noble gesture of a Muslim donating land for a Hindu temple certainly assumes significance in an overall ambience filled with hate and hostility fostered by hotheads on either side of the divide, hence the need to highlight it. Temple may not be an Islamic project, but donation of land by a Muslim for the cause is certainly a subject that interests a vast section of the community and an issue impinging on the Muslim existence in this country.