The True Spirit of Sacrifice

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Muslims all over the world will be performing the Hajj and then celebrating Bakrid. While the rituals are performed, its time that Muslims introspect and reflect into their souls to understand the spirit of sacrifice. In times of turmoil that the world is today, including the Muslim world, Muslims have to be proactive and look into themselves and find out where they are going wrong. Are we too egoistic? Are we stuck in the victimhood syndrome? Are we always dependant on others to improve our socio-economic status? Are we loud and brash? Are we misusing religion to create terror in the hearts of the people? Are we poor communicators, lacking etiquette in manners towards our neighbours?
Living in India with so many diverse communities existing in harmony with each others for centuries, Muslims should be playing a positive role in building bridges of unity. Its time during festivals like Bakrid, that Muslims can display genuine respect for the sentiments of their neighbours, their non-Muslim friends and the whole society at large.
Vulgar parade of sacrificial animals on the streets is bound to hurt sentiments. Being pompous about the number of animals being sacrificed by each family need not be the focus of discussion, or for that matter even giving names of the four caliphs to the animals seems like making a mockery of the ritual.
Thinking about the needs of the poor, sharing food with the poor and needy, Muslims and non-Muslims, can be very beneficial towards uplifting our souls. Muslims need to work more on the need to sacrifice their bloated egos, their puffed up pride about being the best community destined to heaven, and looking down on the rest as all destined to hell.
The need of the hour is not to spend time drying out left over kababs after Bakrid on our clothesline in our backyards, but to spend time and mull over the little time we have left in this world to do good and be good, till the angels of death seize our souls. That’s the true spirit of sacrifice.