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The National Investigation Agency (NIA) acquitted Aijaz Ahmed Mirza, junior research assistant at DRDO in Bangalore, of all charges of terrorist or anti-national activities early last month. It took nearly 21 months for this Muslim youth to get the taint off his reputation. He had been arrested with 14 others in August 2012. Two more Muslim youth, one among whom worked as a journalist in an English daily in Bangalore, too had been released earlier.
Similarly, on June 16, a special POTA court acquitted two accused””Majid Patel and Shaukatullah Ghori””in the Akshardham temple terror case. Earlier, in May, the Supreme Court acquitted six accused in the same case trashing away the charges of the prosecution. The innocent duo had to pass six precious years in jail. Their families suffered economic ruin and social ostracization. The magnificent Akshardham Temple near Ahmadabad had witnessed terrorist attack on September 24, 2002 in which 30 people including two alleged militants and visitors were killed.
The courts across the country have been regularly releasing the Muslim youth who have been falsely implicated into terror cases with prosecution understandably failing to come up with clinching evidence in support of its charges. It appears the security and investigation apparatus is either totally clueless about the real culprits or deliberately follows the policy of trumping charges against some Muslim youth, thereby allowing the Hindutva lobby and the media to unleash the Islamophobic propaganda and reap the resultant harvest of electoral polarization. The futile chase of the bogus clues seems to be the handiwork of thoroughly communalized elements within this apparatus and designed to demoralize the Muslim minority. The revelation of real culprits (read Hindutva terrorists) behind the Malegaon, Mecca Masjid, Ajmer Dargah and Samjhauta Express in the recent past, have only served to expose the cover-up exercises. The campaign is by now more than a decade old and requires a thorough discussion and dissection.
By having ‘leaked threat to noted journalists in Bangalore’, the security apparatus had even made overt attempt to turn some media houses and mediapersons against Muslims. Overjoyed, one of those pen-pushers from Bangalore had even expressed his glee over being on the hit-list of terrorists who never were (read ‘Hit by a List’, Outlook, September 17, 2012) immediately after the August 2012 dramatized arrests of Muslim youth in Bangalore. Laughable indeed was their eagerness to don the halo of martyrdom. One could only pity such scribes who believe the hyped-up balonies floated by themselves or by the security apparatus.
Mercifully, the courts have always come to the rescue of the hapless victims of false implication and the consequent character assassination and defamation. It is time, the new dispensation took notice of the calumnious campaign against Muslims and ordered a probe against its perpetrators.