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I was following IV for more than 25 years. I don’t know about others, but, IV along with Young Muslim Digest, has made a great impact on my life. Whenever I met youngsters, I advised them to follow IV and YMD for the development of their  personality as a true Muslim and good human being. May Allah revive IV, which was guiding the community at a time when differences are order of the day.



We have grown up reading Islamic Voice and loved reading it. I remember sending articles and getting them published and enjoyed sharing with my friends with my printed name there. Alhamdulillah, I always enjoyed reading the magazine and many of my have admired your commitment and the content. Reading a book or a magazine in our hand has its own joy when compared to digital content. I feel continuing the print edition will carry forward the legacy of the magazine for long years. I personally feel you should continue despite knowing that you may have logistical and other issues. I am sure with so many sympathizers around, you can certainly continue.

 -Ziyaullah Khan, Nagpur  


I think every effort should be made to revive the print edition of Islamic Voice. A corpus of funds should be raised to put it back on sound financial track with a strong and wider subscriber base and powerful bulwark of continual advertisement support from Muslim business and corporate houses, industries, and entrepreneurs. Knowledgeable friends should come forward to share their ideas.

Syed Sajjad Ahmed, Mysore


Islamic Voice was a very compact and well edited monthly airing Muslim issues, particularly those concerning their socio, economic and educational issues. Islamic Voice also used to carry news about global issues and concerns. It is not easy to sustain and continue to publish a magazine consistently for years. But this monthly was doing the job admirably. The entire Muslim community needs to support its re-launch. We need to strengthen the hands of Sadathulla Khan. With the population in crores, can we not support and run a monthly? Definitely, we need Islamic Voice print edition. It has become a part of our life. We are missing it.

An annual membership drive could be undertaken and Muslim intellectuals, Muslim organizations and Muslim NGOs. Muslim institutions and social workers should promote it throughout the country to get paid subscribers. Big business houses and philanthropists should donate sizeable amounts to a corpus fund. A campaign can be started in social media, which has a tremendous reach and impact. InshaAllah, we will be successful.

– Tahsin Ahmed, Bengaluru


I have been a subscriber of ISLAMIC VOICE magazine ever since it started publication. For giving news and views on Muslim issues, there is no other English journal. I used to wait impatiently every month for it to reach my house and read it. I have also contributed many articles to this journal.

Professor Nishath, Ex Principal, Abbas Khan College for Women, Bengaluru


The fact that Islamic Voice has been there for 34 years in itself, a sufficient reason. Efforts and dedications that have kept it going thus far deserve acknowledgment. Of course, content and quality require upgradation. Print media is definitely an asset to the community. Please continue. Best wishes.

 Kamal, Bengaluru


Why do we need Islamic Voice? We need Islamic Voice because it brings likeminded people together on a common platform and it aligns with the goals of the Discover Yourself workshop.

Shabana Anwar, Kolkata


Print issue of IV is needed for those who do cannot read soft copies. Islamic voice is needed because it is a voice of Indian Muslims

Mushtaq Sikander, Srinagar


We need topics that will support the shift in mindset. Experiential writing and connectivity to topics is especially important.

Saadia Tonse, Bengaluru


We recognize Islamic Voice’s contribution in the past. Also, the contribution of the Discover Yourself movement.

Buhari, Chennai


My view is as it was started years ago, please continue it. There should be an Endowment fund for this paper so that it runs smoothly without hiccups. There should be an advertisement drive, to get advertisements from big business groups.

Rafiq Bhai, Hyderabad