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I have just completed my 2nd PUC. My college journey was a wonderful experience. I wish to share some things about it with you, hoping that it might help you!

These are some essential things you might find helpful to know whether you are planning to join college:
1. Never argue with your teachers. As you have your self-respect, teachers have theirs too. If you try to meddle with their self-respect, you are ruining your self-respect.
2. Do not hesitate to ask your teachers questions if you doubt or do not understand something. Never fear, “What others will think if I ask a question?”
3. Always be sincere with your teachers. For example, if you do not know the answer to a question, do not lie that you understood. Ask your teacher even 100 times till you get to exactly know what the topic is about.
4. Never lose focus in class. Do not let your mind wander while your teacher is teaching.
5. Every day, learn as if you are preparing for the final exam because that is exactly what you should be doing.
6. Keep a notebook or a diary for writing down reminders, assignments, to-do lists, questions, test dates, etc.
7. Dress modestly and decently.
8. Make a habit of coming at least five minutes early to college to avoid missing or being late for lectures.
9. If you are competing with your classmate for being the topper of the class, do it in a good, sporting way. If you get less marks than them, shake their hand and ask them how they had prepared for the exams.
10. Discipline means controlling oneself from arguing, wasteful and vain talk, acting silly, distractions, letting the mind wander, etc.
11. Always be present I mean present in mind. Many students’ minds wander about while in class (thinking of movies and things like that). Do not let your mind jump; if there is nothing to do while in the classroom, put your focus on your breathing or pen down some points in your diary.
12. Never be ungrateful for your past experiences. While teachers test you after teaching, but the world-first tests you and then give you its lessons.
13. Learn from your mistakes.
14. Sleep early, get up early. Don’t waste your moments.
15. Cultivate good habits. A bad habit can be easily acquired, but building up a good habit is difficult and will take time. (To build up a new habit takes only around 40 days, so let’s start Day 1 to acquire a good habit today itself!)
16. Never compare yourself with others. Always give your best, and if you cannot perform well, it’s alright; Trying is the key, but do not quit.