Germany: Avicenna Scholarship Programme

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Avicenna is the first state-sponsored Muslim scholarship programme in Germany. It supports gifted and socially-committed students of all disciplines. Avicenna has been supporting talented and socially-involved Muslim students and doctoral candidates with its scholarships since 2014. Since the winter semester of 2014/15, Muslim students at German universities have been able to apply for a means-tested basic sum of up to 670 Euros a month and a lumpsum of 300 Euros for tuition costs. Doctoral candidates receive 1,150 Euros a month. Avicenna awarded its first 65 scholarships in 2014 and another 80 in 2015. “In 2018 we plan to have a pool of 500 scholarship-holders.” Currently most of these are women.
(For more details, see http://en.qantara.de/content/the-avicenna-scholarship-programme-cosmopolitan-and-female)