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The ‘Tap the Genius In You Workshop’ organized by Creekside International School in Hyderabad prepares students to deal with challenges that lie ahead for them in a complex world.

By Adila Baig
Additional Commissioner of Police, M. Shiva Prasad, IPS, advised students of Creekside International School (CIS) on the importance of introspection in their daily lives. He spoke to the students on “Tap The Genius In You” on graduation day.
Chief guests at this event included academicians like Mufti Khaleel Ahmed, Vice-Chancellor of Nizamia University (Jamia Nizamia), and Maulana Raheemuddin Ansari, Director of Urdu Academy. Other guests who attended the event were Mr. M. Vasudeva, Ms. Srilatha Channaprada, Mr. Syed Masood Ahmed, Dr. Rafeeq Ahmad, Dr. Fareed Ahmed, Dr. Mohammed Jafer Qureshi and Mr. Muneeruddin Muqtar. Families and friends of the students turned out in huge numbers to witness the grand graduation ceremony and prize distribution. The guests were welcomed by the Chairman of the School, Mr. Mohammad Misbahuddin, who in his opening address gave a glimpse of the school’s history, its present initiatives and future plans.
The Principal, Ms. Husna Haseeb, followed the Chairman’s address with her keynote speech, where she explained the need for conducting the “Tap The Genius In You” workshop and its benefits to the students. The graduation ceremony was conducted in the school premises on 17th February, 2019, where the students of CIS demonstrated various skills and techniques learnt at this workshop by applying them to a wide range of various subjects like English, Biology, Physics and Chemistry. The demonstrations proved to be the highlight of the show and were a tremendous success. Mr. Zafar Mahmood conducted the workshop, where students were taught a complete way of life to be adopted to awaken the inherent skills and capabilities in order to become a genius.
Memory Filing System
The ‘Tap the Genius In You Workshop’ helps students to understand strategies that can be incorporated to hone memorization skills by a technique called Memory Filing System. They were taught studying techniques and ways that can make them study efficiently using less time and effort with results that are lasting.
The students were also introduced and trained in a technique called photographic memory wherein the students can register and recall information based on a couple of glances at the learning material. Students were also trained to develop their intrapersonal skills through a technique called Mind Programing, which is a world class technique adopted by top athletes and other successful professionals who thrive in challenging situations, push the limits and redefine the meaning of success. They were enlightened on the power of meditation and how it enables a person to have mental, social and spiritual wellbeing by blending various techniques with certain day-to-day Islamic practices.
Lastly, the students were imparted valuable knowledge and wisdom about ways in which a child can be a good student and a noble human being, transcending the boundaries of academic learning and incorporating learning into the day-to-day life in order to lead a life filled with purpose and meaning.
Value-Based Education
Creekside International School is well-known for conducting such thought-provoking, character-building events for its students. Established in 2010 in Hyderabad, the school is an embodiment of value-based education that covers multiple facets of character building and development. With an aim to groom its students to become responsible citizens of tomorrow and bring about a positive change in the society, the school integrates modern secular education with Islamic values to enable complete learning for an individual.
At CIS, the students are exposed to a positive and enriching environment that nurtures their already existing innocence and kindness, much needed in the society today. The school follows the CBSE curriculum and lays special emphasis on employing professionals with emotional intelligence.
With its lush campus spread across 3.5 acres in a scenic and breathtaking location surrounded by natural landscape, the school is well equipped with sports fields like a large soccer ground, a spacious swimming pool area, tennis court and a throwball ground. It also provides opportunities to learn other sports forms under the guidance of trained and experienced expertise like karate, archery and skating, apart from indoor games like chess, caroms and table tennis.
In addition to sports skills, students are also given opportunities to develop practical skills like carpentry, mechanics, robotics and electrical facilitated by the learning academy.
The school also organizes annual events like Tijarat Day (Business Day) where young students are taught the skills of trading and running a business with full conviction and character based on Islamic ethics, principles and etiquettes thereby helping them to become exemplary leaders.
Moreover, the school also organizes charity trips and medical camps for its students to encourage feelings of gratitude, compassion and generosity besides exclusively scheduling time to help those less fortunate, as a responsible member of the society fulfilling moral duties.
In an ever-increasing complex world, the school does its best to empower its students to deal with challenges that lie ahead for them.