Prize for Designing Low-wind Turbine

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Gusto-Jamia Millia

New Delhi: ‘GUSTO’, a low-wind energy capturing micro wind turbine designed by the students of the Jamia Millia Islamia was adjudged the Second Prize at GRIDTECH””2015 held here in the second week of April. The students mechanically and electrically designed and fabricated GUSTO in-house in the college labs. GUSTO was a joint project of third year engineering students from Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) and Delhi Technological University (DTU), the team comprised of Raghav Gupta and Garima Garg from JMI and Rohin Malhotra, Sajal Garg and Lohit Gudivada from DTU and the mentor was Prof. Mini S. Thomas, Director, Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Jamia. The student Innovation Pavilion was conceived to reward innovative projects from around the country, where 40 projects were shortlisted and displayed from around the country. It was organised by Powergrid Corporation of India (PGCIL) with the support of the Ministry of Power.