Second Graduation Ceremony of Hyderabad Institute of Excellence

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Hyderabad: The second graduation ceremony of Hyderabad Institute of Excellence was held on January 12 at the HIE campus where students from the 2nd batch were felicitated. Several students expressed their views about the excellent academic schedules and facilities. The guests of honour were Mrs. Nafees Khan, Board Member of ICNA Relief, Canada and Ms. Tasneem Osmani, Director, Educate India Fund, USA. Mr. Ghiasuddin Babukhan, presided over the function and conveyed thankfulness and gratitude to The Almighty Allah in making him realize his vision, he advised the students not to forget their origins and to remain rooted and humble always. Further he thanked NRI parents and resident Indians Parents for having faith in us and choosing HIE for their wards. Mr. Mohd. Hidayatullah, Dean of HIE exhorted the students to crack the door open of all the leading campuses in the country.