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By A Staff Writer

Mangaluru: The Yenepoya University has launched a one-year Post-graduate Diploma Course in Applied Islamics. The course was inaugurated by Jamiatul Ulema e Hind General Secretary, Maulana Mahmood Madani on August 9 in the university campus. Madrassa graduates known as Aalims or Fazils are eligible for admission. It will integrate the knowledge of English, computer sciences and current affairs.
The Department of Islamic Studies is headed by Dr. Javed Jameel, a scholar from Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh.
Elaborating the course content, Jamil said that the principles of Islam can be applied to fields like Health Sciences, Social Sciences and National Sciences for the benefit of common masses.
He said, the course would attempt at analysis of the modern theories in different fields in the light of Islamic principles and the development of the alternative terminologies, definitions, methodologies, indices, programs, policies, models and paradigms consistent with Islamic teachings.” Yenepoya University, which runs several institutions including medical, dental, management, other degree colleges and schools, had established a Chair in Islamic Studies and Research.