Widespread Observance of Ramadan

What does Ramadan Mean to Me?
Maintaining Harmony during Hajj
During Ramadan, the believers get busy seeking Allah’s mercy, forgiveness and protection from Hellfire. Rewards of Fasting

A recent Pew Research Center survey of more than 38,000 Muslims around the world shows widespread observance of Ramadan. In the 39 countries and territories surveyed, a median of 93% say they fast during the holy month.
By comparison, a median of 77% of Muslims in those 39 countries say they give zakat . And a global median of 63% of Muslims surveyed say they perform five salat (prayers) a day. A median of just 9% of Muslims say they have already completed the hajj (the pilgrimage to Mecca).
Although fasting during Ramadan is widespread across the countries surveyed, there is some regional variation. Fasting among Muslims is nearly universal in the Southeast Asian and South Asian countries surveyed. By contrast, in several Central Asian and European countries, fewer than half of Muslims report abstaining from food and drink during Ramadan: 44% in Albania, 43% in Azerbaijan and 30% in Kazakhstan.
(By Fatima Ghani)