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Afghan Men March, Demanding Reinstatement of Woman Governor

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Kabul (Afghanistan): Hundreds of men marched through a central provincial capital to call for the reinstatement of their woman governor. Waqif Khudayaar, an organiser of the protest, said men from across society and of all ages marched through Firuz Koh, capital of Ghor, calling for Seema Joyenda to be reinstated. Joyenda was appointed governor of Ghor, one of Afghanistan’s poorest provinces, in June. “‹Recently, “‹ she was reappointed as deputy governor of Kabul province. Joyenda, one of the two women governors in Afghanistan, came under intense pressure from religious figures and local politicians, and received death threats “” not unusual for women working in Afghanistan. Khudayaar says she effectively tackled corruption and inequality. Marchers carried banners saying “Enough With Corruption”.