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Just a Bit of Sunshine!

May Allah swt help us all take lessons from oaur past and remain steadfast.

What is white, soft, and cold to touch?
You are right if you got the answer – snow?
We all have heard about snow but very few of us have actually experienced snow. Snow is a beautiful creation of Allah swt that fascinates everybody. When people think of holidays, many people think of places that are covered with pure white, glistening snow.

Allah swt has spread His breathtakingly beautiful creations across the universe for us to reflect on His dominance over everything. When a person looks at a landscape covered with layers and layers of smooth and shiny snow, it automatically makes him praise the creator of this wondrous creation.

In today’s edition, we will know more about snow that enthralls children as well as adults.

Similar to rain, Allah azwajal makes the snow also form up in the clouds. But for the snow to form, Allah swt drops the temperatures below freezing levels. The snow that we see falling from the sky is an ice crystal. And then these tiny ice crystals in clouds stick together to become snowflakes. A snowflake has six sides, perfectly symmetrical.

A mind-blowing fact of this creation is that every snowflake has approximately 200 snow crystals!!! An astounding 200 crystals have to attach together to form a six-sided perfect snowflake. Could we have ever designed something so small, so fragile, so delicate and so beautiful with such exact precision? Only Allah azwajal is capable of it.

And that’s not it. There is more for a human to know and be amazed. On earth, some places are thickly covered in snow. A complete building can be buried under snow. But an astounding fact is, that it takes about 15-40 minutes to make a typical snowflake, and snowflakes take about an hour to reach the ground. Allah swt sends uncountable snowflakes from the sky, but no two snowflakes have the same shape. Allah swt has given every snowflake a unique shape. I personally found this discovery very very overwhelming. Subhan Allah, how amazing are Allah’s creations!!!

Allah swt has stated that He created everything for our use. Things created for us are for our benefit. Similarly, snow, such a pure and beautiful creation, is also for our use. Allah swt has kept the majority of the world’s fresh water supply in ice and snow. We can eat snow or drink the water after it melts. Allah swt made snowflake 100% pure with not even a speck of dust or dirt in it. That is why snow is not only suitable for drinking but also suitable for wudhu.

Surely Allah is most capable of everything

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