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Allah’s World Mosquito

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An amazing creation of Allah swt

In continuation to our research on finding why Allah swt created mosquitoes, let us look at a few reasons why Allah swt created mosquitoes.

Allah swt says that everything He created is for a purpose. Mosquitoes, despite being so small, are the deadliest of all animals. Mosquitoes alone kill more than 1 million people every year. This proves that even a minuscule insect can kill the most intelligent and capable creature – humans. Allah swt created everything in perfection and with a perfect plan and purpose. The power Allah swt has vested in tiny mosquito highlights the mightiness of Allah swt. It proves that anything is possible with Allah swt and Him alone.

The other important role that mosquitoes perform is to keep the balance in the food chain. Mosquitoes form an essential source of biomass in the food chain serving as food for fish as larvae and for birds, bats, and frogs as adult flies. Another role that Allah swt gave them is that of pollinators. Yes, mosquitoes also help in pollination; it is not just the bees.

I personally see mosquitoes as a significant reminder of Allah swt’s ultimate power in creating, designing, and empowering what He wills to. A mighty mosquito only by the will of the creator.