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Belittling Others

Joint Family and Nuclear Family
Manners of Clearing the Dastarkhan
Allah’s World

Don’t think anyone haqeer (low)
We are all faqeer (poor)

Don’t call anyone shaytanic
Or anyone munafiq

We’re in need of rahmah
Be covered of our faults

Let’s take stock
Don’t let’s mock

It takes us close to kufr
We will ultimately suffer

No swearing, nor name calling
We may need the hauling

Stay with
Amr bil Maroof
wa Nahi ‘anil Munkar

Can be done with kindness
Not with rage or blindness

Softness of speech
Free from hardness beseech

To think ill is enough
To create fitna and stuff

Even when feeling oppressed
Depressed and abused

Don’t blow the fuse
Reconnect, prayers use

(Hadith 1574 Riyadh us saliheen:
Not to look down on fellow Muslims
Ref: surah Hujjarat:11)