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Drainage and Sewerage

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Towns and cities have two different kinds of water disposal systems i.e., sewerage and drainage. Sewerage is a network of gutters which take out the wastewater from homes, factories, hotels and public facilities. This wastewater contains human waste from toilets, outwash from washing rooms, machines, and from kitchens. This is taken out of the city’s boundaries to recycling plants where it is oxidized and treated with various chemicals to make it useable for irrigation etc. In most Indian cities, these gutters run in the middle of the streets and are covered with iron made manhole covers.
Drainage is a network of drains that receive the rainwater which is taken to the lakes and water bodies. Drains carry clean water, which however is not potable (worthy of drinking). In Indian cities, drains mostly run under the pavements with stone or cement slabs covering them.