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Journalism and Mass Media


Let us take up terms related to journalism and mass media to understand various concepts and functions pertaining to this field.

Journalism: The profession of writing for newspapers and journals is called Journalism. But this belongs to the age when journals and newspapers were the main source of news and information. Today journalism has been replaced by Mass Media which include the radio, television, internet, etc. (صحافت)

Reporter: One who reports news and events in the newspaper. He is a person who covers the events and comes to the newspaper office to write it. (نامہ نگار)

Correspondent: A journalist who is based in places outside the centre of publication of the newspaper and he mainly uses mediums like (previously post, telex) email to send news. (مراسلہ نگار)

Sub-editor: One who puts the reporter’s write-ups in a proper shape, makes it grammatically right, legally safe, fixes a headline, makes the text highly readable.
( سب ایڈیٹر)

Editor: The chief of the news section of a newspaper who runs the paper as per a policy, monitors the quality of the content and is the main persons who decides the content. He is also the persons who is legally responsible for all that goes into a newspaper. (مدیر)

Byline : The name of the writer of an article in a newspaper. (مصنف کا نام)

Masthead: The name of a newspaper shown in the top of the first page.
(اخبار کا سر نامہ)

Credit line: A line, generally at the end of the news or article which indicates the source of the information. (سطرِ مآخذ)

Caption: A line below or in the side of the photograph explaining the contents of a photograph. (تصویر یا کارٹون کی تعارفی وضاحت)

Dateline: A line that shows the date of publication of the information.
(کسی خبر کے ساتھ لگی ہوئی تاریخ یا مقام)

Deadline: The hour by which something for publishing is accepted by a newspaper or journal.( کسی اخبار کے لیے خبرقبول کرنے کا آخری وقت)

Blurb: Gist of the contents highlighted in a box within the story or article.
( اخباری مضمون کے اندر تعارفی سطر)

Editorial: An article expressing the opinion of the editor. (اداریہ)

Columnist: A writer or journalist who regularly writes pieces in a newspaper.
(کالم نگار)

Cartoonist: A person who draws pictures to telling a funny story in a newspaper. (کارٹون ساز)

Cartographer: A person who draws maps for a news story. It may related to a war zone, or a showing a bus route or even about access to a stadium or auditorium.
(نقشہ نگار)

Morgue: A newspaper’s section where stock information is available about any person, even or phenomenon which can be used for reference in future news story.
(اخبار کی لائبریری)