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Let us take up the words and terms related to Space and space vehicles this month.

Space خلاء : The region beyond the Earth in which stars, galaxies exist.

Astronaut خلاء نورد : One who travels into space.

Space Debris خلائی ملبہ : Remains of all the past space travel missions which float in space.

Asteroid سیارچہ : Any of numerous small celestial bodies that move around the sun mainly between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Their diameters range from 930 kilometres (Ceres) to less than one kilometer

Space shuttle خلائی گاڑی : a vehicle that carries astronauts from Earth to the orbiting space station. It can be reused.

Cosmonautخلاء باز : Astronauts are called ‘Cosmonauts’ in Russia and ‘Taikonauts’ in China.

Rocket راکٹ یا بان ہوائی: A self-propelling vehicle which moves up due to explosive gases.

Satellite مصنوعی سیارہ : A man-made device that orbits around the earth and carries out functions like imaging, spying, TV programme relaying or telecommunication. A smaller planet that moves around bigger planet is also called Satellite e.g., Moon is Earth’s satellite.