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Gratitude (Shukr)

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Allah Almighty says,
“If you are grateful, I will surely increase you in favour.” (14:7)

What is gratitude?
What does it mean to be grateful?
When we are grateful, we appreciate something, denoting thankfulness. Thankfulness to Allah swt and His creation.
Gratitude is the heart and the essence of Islam; it’s also the key to attracting prosperity, peace, success, Contentment, and abundance.
As humans, we go through the highs and the lows in our lives. Gratitude, or being grateful, has proven to increase our feel-good emotions and make us feel peaceful when we are sad.
Showing Gratitude to the One who created you is a mighty thing, and it gives you a sense of balance and draws good into your life.

Better relationship with Allah:
Being Grateful is one of the most beloved characteristics of Allah Almighty. By Shukr, we invoke His mercy and love upon us, and it is the key to Allah’s pleasure.
When we are thankful to Allah for even the smallest of things -like the clothes you are wearing, the food on your plate, for the comfy bed you sleep in, for the ability to read, for your breath- we feel Sakeena (i.e., Contentment)

Speaking of Gratitude always reminds me of the stories of the prophets and mainly the story of Prophet Ayyub (AlaihisSalam).
The Prophet Ayyub (A.S) was a man who had everything; health, wealth, children, livestock, and a good wife.
Allah swt sent trials upon trials.
Ayyub AS lost all his children, wealth, and health. He became ill and had terrible sores all over his body.
Once his wife asked him, “How long will we suffer?” And to that, Ayyub (A.S) said, “How long did Allah bless us for?”
Even in such a condition, he managed to remain grateful to Allah. He never complained; he would thank Allah swt for everything in his life. Subhanallah!
And how quickly we get upset and lose our sense of all the things we still have.
We focus on the thing we lost instead of focusing on all the other things we have, the things Allah has blessed us with. Whenever we are tested with something small, we forget about the times Allah has blessed us.
Change your focus. Whenever you focus on the problem, all you get is more problems;all you see are solutions whenever you focus on solving the issue.
Now, think about your blessings, as many as you can number, and say Alhamdulillah!