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Words Related with Collectives (مجموعات /مجتمعات سے متعلق الفاظ)
Currency Related Terms (کرنسی سے متعلق اصطلاحات)
Looking for Universal Rules and Inner Peace

Surayya Najeeb

Life descends to the world with extreme cries;
Like a statue undergoes chisel, hammer,
and ambient temperating,
Infancy and childhood are as innocent as an angel;
No malice, no hatred, no foe, and no ego.

Adolescence confers elegance, robustness, wisdom,
and a vision;
like a bud blooms into a gorgeous flower to mesmerize,
Youth brings challenges with the windows
of opportunities anew;
Confront all the obstacles and junctures valorously
with a beaming face.

Dotage showers infirmity, creases, passivity, and morbidity;
Like a towering sturdy age-old tree terrifies the high winds,
Accomplishments of life dwindle like
a tranquil dusky evening;
Demise snatches away each possession that
belongs to you Only.

Life awards woes, tears, intimidation, deprivation,
and discouragement;
But family, relatives, friends, prosperity,
cognizance, and achievements too.

So, learn to live before you lose life in the now only;
Savor this precious irretrievable life, relish,
adore, and content.