Manners of Clearing the Dastarkhan

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Manners of Clearing the Dastarkhan

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A traveler visited an old man. The old man said, “It’s time to eat, come and eat. He sat down to eat with the traveler. When they finished eating, the traveler started wrapping the (Dastarkhan) table mat.”

The Old man said, “What are you doing?”
The traveler said, “I am going to sweep the table mat.”
The old man said, do you know how to sweep the table mat?
The traveler with astonishment asked, do we need the education to sweep the table mat?
Yes! The Old man said.
The traveler said, “Then you teach me.
The old man said that wiping the table is also an art.
He opened the table mat again and separated the leftovers.
“Look! These are four things. I set aside these four in their separate places.
There is such and such a place for each of the leftovers.
The cat knows that herbs are kept in this place after eating, it comes at 11 am and eats them.
A certain place is fixed for the bones, the dogs of the neighborhood know that place, and they come and eat them.
The pieces of bread, I put them on the top of the wall, and the birds eat them.
Those small particles of sweet bread. I put them where the ants are in the house, they eat them.
All this is the provision of Allah Almighty, no part of it should be wasted.