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By M. Praneeth

Everyone has their happiest moments in life. One of my happiest moments in my life was this New Year 2015. This New Year, I invited my friends to my home. All my friends gathered at my house. We all played and enjoyed ourselves very much. We had sumptuous food prepared by my mother. We all had fun after the meal for some time. Afterwards we were very eager to cut the New Year cake. But, at the eleventh hour, my mother changed the plan. My mother gave us the best surprise we deserved. She drove us to a school for visually impaired girls. I and my friend were not pleased with my mother’s action. We entered into the school unhappily. But when my mother started to interact with the girls, I realized that the girls were really so sweet. They sang very melodious songs. We also sang some songs for them. We were very impressed with their talents. We distributed chocolates and candies to them. Some of the children were so affectionate that they were feeding us the chocolates and candies which we gave them. The next day we told to each and every student in our class about our ‘NEW’ New Year!
But, in the end, we were so elated to see the visually impaired girls very happy and affectionate. Some of my friends and me, decided to celebrate our birthdays with them.
(M. Praneeth lives in Hyderabad and is a 9th Standard Student in BPDAP)