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‘Soda Water’ Lake of Kenya

Nature has gifted human beings with a readymade store house of its bounties in the form of Lake Magadi in Kenya, which is not far from the extinct volcano Mount Kilimanjaro. This lake, which is approximately one hundred square kilometers in size, is fed by waters carrying soda in pure solution. The heat of the hot African sun continuously evaporates water causing the soda to settle, and the deposit increases faster than it can be removed. Millions of tons of valuable chemicals are supplied round the clock by saline hot springs, which has a wide range of industrial uses. The Magadi Soda factory is owned by Tata India since December 2005

Trinidad’s Tar Lake

Most people have not heard about the Lake of Pitch in Trinidad, which supplies the world a quarter of a million tons of readymade
tar every year and the ninety-five acres lake appears to have a never ending supply of tar, which is exported all over the world. It is rated as one of the wonders of the world, for no matter, how much of thick tar is exported every year, the hole is immediately filled up and the supply appears limitless. It was discovered by Sir Walter Raleigh in 1595.

River of Vinegar

The River of Vinegar (El Rio Vinagre) is found in Colombia, South America close to the active volcano Purace. It is a part of Cacua River, which rises in the southern part of the country near Ecuador, and flows 680 miles north to Magdalena. The high acidity of the river is credited to its close proximity to the volcano. This stream contains eleven parts of sulfuric acid and nine parts of hydrochloric acid in every thousandth part, and is so sour that no fish can survive in it.