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Khadijah sat in the cozy lounge, biting into a warm slice of apple pie. Mariyam, her elder sister, sat across from her, sipping on her tea. They had just finished their dinner and were enjoying their dessert.

As Khadijah savored the sweet taste of the pie, she began to complain about not having what other people had. “Sister,” she said, “I wish we had a study room like our neighbor’s and fancy gadgets like Aisha’s.”

Mariyam sighed before softly uttering, “Khadijah, don’t compare yourself to others. Allah SWT has blessed us with so much already. We have a roof over our heads, clothes on our backs, and food on our table. Alhamdulillah, we should be grateful for that.”

“But it’s not enough,” Khadijah protested. “I want a new tab like Aisha’s.”

Mariyam smiled gently. “Dear Khadijah, life is like this apple pie. When you eat it, you savor every bite. You appreciate the sweetness, the warmth, and the comfort it brings. You don’t think about how you could have had a bigger slice or a fancier topping. You enjoy what you have.”

Khadijah pondered her sister’s words for a few moments. She looked down at her half-eaten slice of pie as she realized how much she had taken for granted.

She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and began to think about all the things she was blessed with. She thought about her loving family, her home, her health, and her education. She realized that she had so much to be grateful for. Even all her fingers wouldn’t suffice to count the blessings Allah SWT has granted her.

“Thank you for reminding me, Mariyam Aapi,” Khadijah said, her voice low as she felt ashamed of her earlier complaints. “You are right. Alhamdulillah, I am grateful for all that we have.”

Mariyam nodded, pleased that her words had resonated with her little sister. “Always remember, Khadijah, no matter how much we have, there is always someone who has less. So let’s be thankful to Allah SWT for what we have and share our blessings with others.”

The two sisters smiled at each other, feeling content and grateful. As they finished their pie, Khadijah knew that she had learned an important lesson that day. She would savor every moment of her life with gratefulness, just like she savored every bite of that apple pie.