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Silence is Patience’

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Terms Related with Forests (جنگلات سے متعلق الفاظ و اصطلاحات)

when you accept pain without complaining and without giving tit for tat;
when you do not seek comfort in earthly things [“¦] when you wait that facts clear up
as they objectively are.
Silence is humility:
when you keep quiet to let your brother grow and you do not belittle him;
when you in restraint hide your gifts and do not seek praise;
when you allow yourself to be misunderstood, and let great things grow inside you,
when you accept to be unheard
and let others to glory of your work.
Silence is meekness:
when you forgive offences and do not allow others to be offended;
when you do not claim your rights
and entrust your care to God;
2when you always seek reconciliation
because inordinate speaking tends to evil.
Silence is magnanimity:
when you do not tell of others’ mistakes,
you forget without inquiring whose is the fault:
when you do not condemn
but pray that your enemy be better.
Silence is faith:
when your retort is silence
and let God’s will be done;
when you do not mix with trouble-makers but abide by God’s law of love;
when you do not seek comfort in men
but in God alone.
Silence is wisdom:
when you remember that God is the judge of all,
even of an idle word;
when between good and evil
you choose to do good;
when you know the right moment to say nothing
and when you do not speak unless you can improve on silence.
Silence is prayer:
when you are united to God in silence at every hour of the day;
when you are still enough to hear God speak
and when silently you are faithful to your daily duties for God’s sake.’
(Taken from Living Moments of Silence by J. Mauris, Published by Better Yourself Books, Mumbai)