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Story of Moosa (AS) and The River Nile

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“Put your trust in Allah and seek guidance from him. Indeed Allah is the best of planners.”
Many centuries ago, Egypt was ruled by kings. The kings were such influential individuals that they preferred calling themselves god. They wanted people to believe thatthere is no other god, and people who believed in the truth and oneness of god were eliminated. These kings were addressed as Pharaohs, and in Arabic, they were known as Firaun.
One night the cruel Firaun had a dream where he saw one of his own countrymen killing him. This dream disturbed him so much that he issued an order to kill all the newborn baby boys. But his ministers advised him not to kill all the boys as this would result in no men being available to work for their country. So it was decided that every odd year all the newborn babies would be killed. One year the babies would be allowed to live, and the babies born in the other year would be all killed.
At a time of such atrocities Allah (swt) sent Moosa (AS) into this world. Moosa (AS) was born in the year when all babies were commanded to be killed.
Moosa’s mother couldn’t imagine his son being killed. She hid the baby Moosa in a cave away from the watchful eyes of the soldiers and other people.
But when she could not hide him anymore, Allah put in her heart the strength to put the baby in a casket and leave it on the river Nile. The mother asked Moosa’s elder sister to follow the casket and see where it stopped. The sister keeps walking along the riverside to follow the casket and notices that it reaches the palace of Firaun himself. The baby ended up at the palace grounds of the king who had ordered to kill all the babies.
But Allah (swt) always has clear set plans in whatever He does. Queen Bibi Asiya spotted the casket, and since she was childless, she felt a strong urge to keep the baby. She went to Firaun and pleaded to save this boy’s life and let her keep the baby. It took a lot of convincing on Bibi Asiya’s part to keep the baby.
Thus, Allah (swt) saved the baby despite the danger around him. Allah (swt) used the river Nile as an agent in helping Moosa (AS) reach the palace and be brought up like a prince by the very king who was going to kill him.
Allah (swt) always has a grand plan that we humans can neither see nor understand until the plan materializes. We need to have faith in His plans and do not become impatient when something is not working as we want.