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Story Time – The Boy And The King

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This story happened many thousands of years ago. A cruel king ruled his kingdom, and he wanted people to believe that he is god; there is no god other than him. To achieve his evil missions, he had appointed a magician who used magic to help the king get what he wanted.

But the magician was growing old and didn’t have many days with him. So, he suggested that the king must allow him to train a young man to be the next magician. The king permitted it, and a young and bright boy was selected for the training.

Everyday the boy used to go from his house to the palace to learn magic from the old magician. On his way from home to the palace, he noticed a monk worshipping God differently, which aroused his curiosity. He started spending time with the monk to know more about God from the monk.

The monk shared the true knowledge with the boy and told him that Allah is the God of all creatures.

The boy pondered over the monk’s words and the magician’s words. He couldn’t decide who is right and who is wrong.

The boy expressed his confusion to the monk, to which the monk said the right time would help him determine the truth.

One day a huge beast had blocked people’s way, and the people couldn’t move freely out of fear. When the boy saw this, he picked up a stone and prayed, “O Allah, if the monk is dearer to You than the magician, bring about death to this beast so that the people can move about freely.” And the boy hit the beast, and it killed him. That helped the boy discover the actual words and the true God – Allah.

The boy went to the monk and narrated this incident, to which the monk said, “Son, today you are superior to me. You have come to a stage where I feel that you would soon be put to a trial, and in case you are put to a trial, do not reveal anything about me.”

Soon afterward, the boy was able to heal the blind and the sickly. The word spread across the kingdom, and the king’s governor, a blind person, came to the boy with many gifts and urged him to bring his eyesight back and accept the gifts as payment. The boy refused to accept the gifts and said, “I do not cure anyone. It is Allah, the Exalted, Alone Who cures; and if you affirm faith in Allah, I shall also supplicate to Allah to cure you.”

The governor affirmed his faith in Allah, and the boy cured him. When the governor went back to the palace, the king questioned him about his eyesight. The governor said, “My Lord granted me my eyesight.”

To this, the king got angry because he considered himself to be the god and wanted everyone to believe so, and thus he demanded to know: “Do you have another lord besides me?”
The governor said, “My Lord and your Lord is Allah.” That made the king even angrier, and he tortured the governor till he gave the details of the boy.

The boy was called to the palace and tortured till he gave the monk’s whereabouts.

The monk was summoned and was asked to renounce his faith in Allah. The monk refused to do so. The king ordered his men to cut the monk into two pieces. The king then turned to the boy and called him to renounce his faith in Allah.
to be continued………….
In part Two, we will read;
• Did the boy renounce his faith in Allah out of fear?
• What did the king do to the boy?
• Did the boy succeed in passing the message of Allah to the king?
• What happened to the boy ultimately?