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Terms Related with Writing تحریر سے متعلق اصطلاحات

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Anecdote: A short account of a particular incident or event, especially of an interesting or amusing nature. (دلچسپ حکایت)
Euphemism: These terms are used for talking about unpleasant or embarrassing subjects without mentioning the thing themselves.
(ناخوشگوار بات کو ملائم پیرائے میں بیان کرنا۔ حسنِ تعبیر)
Thesis, a long piece of writing on a particular  subject,  especially one that is done for a higher  college or  university  degree. (تحقیقی مقالہ)
Biography: An account of someone’s life written by someone else. (سوانح حیات)
Autobiography: An account of one’s life written by oneself.
(خود نوشت سوانح حیات)
Feature: A newspaper article that deals with a subject at length.
Essay: A short piece of writing on a particular subject.
(مختصر مضمون)
Book review: A book review is a form of literary criticism in which a book is analyzed based on content, style, and merit. 
(تبصرۂ کتب)
Cliché: It is a 19th century borrowed word from the French which refers to a saying or expression that has been so overused that it has become boring and unoriginal.
(پٹا ہوا فقرا،فرسودہ خیال)
Jargon: Special words or expressions used by a profession or group that are difficult for others to understand.
(کسی خاص طبقے میں سمجھی جانے والی اصطلاح)
Caption: A title or brief explanation accompanying an illustration, cartoon, or poster.
(تصاویر یا ڈائگرام کی وضاحتی تحریر)
Title: A name given to a book, film, composition or artistic work. (عنوان)
Editorial: An article where editor expresses his opinion. Its place is reserved in a newspaper.
(اداریہ۔ اخبار کے مدیر کے ذاتی خیالات پر مبنی مضمون)
Elegy: A a poem or other  piece  of  writing  expressing  sadness, usually about someone’s  death. (مرثیہ)
Embargo: An article prepared in advance which has to published only after a deadline.
(تحریر کی اشاعت کے لئے متعین شدہ تاریخ)
Pejorative: A pejorative  word,  phrase  etc  expresses  criticism  or a  bad opinion of someone or something. (پھبتی،ہجو،ملامت)
Epic: A long poem, typically one derived from ancient oral tradition, narrating the deeds and adventures of heroic or legendary figures or the past history of a nation. (رزمیہ)
Ghostwriter: A person whose job it is to write material for someone else who is the named author. (قلمی مزدور)
Lead: The introductory paragraph of a news story.
(اخباری مضامین کا ابتدائی پیاریگراف)
Lyric: Using words to express  feelings in the way that a song would. (گیت کے بول)
Oxymoron: Two words used together that have, or seem to have, opposite meanings.
(اجتماعِ ضدیں)
Pithy: A pithy statement  or piece of  writing  is  short  and very effective. (پر مغز کلام)
Rhetoric: Written or spoken in a way that is impressive but is not honest.
(پر تکلف زبان، مبالغہ آرائی)
Slang: Words expressions that are very  informal  and are not  considered suitable  for more  formal  situations. Some slang is used only by a particular group of people.
(عامیانہ بولی،بدکلامی)
Pseudonym: a name that someone uses that is not the real name, especially for writing a book. (تخلص)
Buzzword: A word that has become very popular, especially  a word relating to a  particular  activity or subject. (فنی محاورہ)
Catchword: A word used for  representing  a particular  idea,  usually one that is popular for a short time.
(عارضی طور پر مشہور فقرہ)