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Things You Shouldn’t Say to Someone Who has Depression

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Let’s unpack some of the unhelpful things people who have depression may hear.

Everyone gets sad sometimes
That’s true, but depression is not just sadness- even though that can be one element of depression.
Depression is not a temporary feeling, it’s a disorder that often severely impacts your quality of life if left untreated.

Are you sure? You don’t seem depressed
This is not the compliment you might think it is. It can make them question whether they’re really depressed, which may lead to not seeking help. Depression doesn’t have a look- someone can seem happy and bubbly and still have depression.

There is no reason for you to be depressed
Depression can impact anyone, no matter how perfect their life may seem, and no matter how well off they are. Depression isn’t a sign of not being grateful, just like a fractured arm isn’t a sign of that either.

Just snap out of it. Happiness is a choice
Yes, people can contribute to their own happiness. But depression is much more complex than just feeling sad or unhappy.
This also increases guilt about not being able to just snap out of it, and implies that those who have depression aren’t trying hard enough (which is false).