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Words Related with Collectives (مجموعات /مجتمعات سے متعلق الفاظ)

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An Apothecary

An Apothecary

Apiary: A place where colony or colonies of bees are kept for breeding and honey collection.
(مگس خانہ/مصنوعی چھتہ)
Apothecary: Druggist or Pharmacist.
(دوا فروش،دوا کی دکان)
Cemetery: Graveyard. (قبرستان)
Estuary: That part of the mouth or lower course of a rive in which the river’s current meets the sea tide. (ندی کا سمندر میں کھلنے والا دہانہ)
Armoury: A place for storing arms. (اسلحہ خانہ)
Dairy: A place where milk is kept and products from milk like cheese and butter are made.
Confectionery: a place where sweets are kept or made.
(حلوائی کی دُکان)
Tannery: A place where skins are tanned to be turned into leather. (دباغت گاہ)
Granary: Place to store food grains. (اناج کوٹھی)
Hatchery: A place for hatching eggs from hens and fish etc. (سینالہ)
Nursery: A place where young plants are grown before transplanting.
(پودوں کی افزائش گاہ)
Rosary: A garden of roses. It also means prayer beads. (گلاب باغ)
Glossary: A list of terms in a special subject, field or area of usage such as this column of Islamic Voice. (فرہنگ سے متعلق)
Seminary: A special school providing education theology, religious history etc (دینی درسگاہ)
Sanctuary: A sacred or a holy place like Masjid e Haram. (حرم) It is also used for places where wildlife is protected from hunting. (حیوانات کی تحفظ گاہ)
Topiary: A plant clipped or trimmed in a fantastic shape.
(پودوں کو مختلف شکلوں میں تراشنے کا فن)
Fiduciary: A person to whom property or power is entrusted for the benefit of another.
(متولی،امین، امانت دار)
Winery: An establishment for making wines. (شراب کشید کا کارخانہ)