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Wuppy! Time for Quran Bedtime Tales, Kids!

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Bedtime Quran Stories: Heart Warming Stories to Read
By Saniyasnain Khan
Edited by Burhana Islam
Published by Goodword Books, New Delhi ([email protected])
Pages: 131
Year: 2019

The good old days of children going to bed by 8.30 pm are gone for many (maybe most?) families. Hooked onto mobiles and television and what not, many youngsters are wide awake till midnight or even later. And so, what about grandmothers reading stories to their grandchildren before bedtime that was a regular feature of life for many of us decades ago? Maybe these times are also gone. But wait! There is a glimmer of hope here: in the form of Bedtime Quran Stories by Saniyasnain Khan!
This book, a wonderful collection of more than 20 stories from the Quran, is another gem from Goodword Books, a publishing house that is doing great service in bringing out a vast range of very suitable spiritually-inspiring and educative books for people of all ages, including for kids. The book highlights key moral values in a manner easily understandable for children, in addition to which are from prayers from the Quran at the end of each story.
Its easy-to-read text makes this book a perfect way to introduce little ones to teachings of the Quran. It’s simple, short and beautifully-narrated stories highlight key aspects of Islam, such as love, humility, obedience, patience and trust. Providing an enjoyable way for children to learn the basics of faith in God, Bedtime Quran Storiesmakes a wonderful gift for any child.
Like other children’s books based on Islamic themes that Goodword Books have published, this book’s bright, full-colour illustrations make it particularly special. The pretty illustrations of date trees, camels, birds, sheep, ancient houses and the like that accompany the text are really endearing! My favourite story in this book is titled “Love Your Parents”, with cute pictures of ducklings following a mother-duck, a deer and her fawns and fluffy baby rabbits with their mumma!
Do procure a copy of this book for yourself or as a gift for someone else. Not just children but just about anyone of any age may find it wonderful!