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Doha Interfaith Conference Concludes: Issues Final Statement

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A Commitment to the Brotherhood of Divine Religions


The recently-held 12th Doha interfaith Conference””on “Spiritual and Intellectual Safety in the Light Religious Doctrines”””brought together several Muslim, Christian and Jewish leaders alongside leading thinkers in interfaith relations. During the conference, the Doha International Center of Interfaith Dialogue (DICID) gave the 3rd Doha award for interfaith work, divided this year between three international associations and two individuals for their work in interfaith relations to foster understanding and whose activities protect the security and spirituality across the world. After two days of talks and 5 open sessions, nine small group seminars and 108 papers dealing with the topic, the conference concluded with the final statement that emphasizes the importance of interfaith dialogue to spiritual and intellectual safety in the light of religious doctrines. The statement also stressed a commitment to the brotherhood of the divine religions and commended cooperation between their followers in the search for peace love and stability.
(Extracted from http://www.menafn.com/ )