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95-year-old takes four buses to get to march against racism after New Zealand mosque attacks.

John Sato, 95, one of only two Japanese servicemen in the New Zealand army in WWII, took four buses to join the march against racism at Aotea Square in Auckland.
Nothing could stop this 95-year-old World War II vet from attending a march against racism following the New Zealand mosque attacks not even his four-bus commute.
John Sato of Auckland made the journey to show his support for Muslims at a rally in the city’s Aotea Square, according to Radio New Zealand.
While he currently spends most of his days doing household chores or listening to classical music, he was stirred into action after hearing about the horrific shootings at Christchurch, New Zealand on March 15.
“I stayed awake quite a lot at the night,” Sato told RNZ. “I didn’t sleep too well ever since. I thought it was so sad. You can feel the suffering of other people.”
“I think it’s such a tragedy,” he added of the terrorist attacks. “And yet it has the other side. It has brought people together, no matter what their race or anything. People suddenly realized we’re all one. We care for each other.”