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Muslim World League condemns abuse on Jewish students in Australia

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The Muslim World League (MWL) has denounced an attack on Jewish boys committed by some Muslim students in Australia, calling it “appalling and barbaric.” “This appalling and barbaric act is contrary to the doctrine of Islam,” Mohammed bin Abdul Karim Al-Issa, the secretary general of MWL said in a statement, noting that any person who does this is a disrespectful individual who wrongs Islam. In Islam, Judaism is considered a divine religion and Allah called the Jews and Christians “the People of the Book,” Al-Issa explained. Al-Issa reiterated the MWL’s condemnation of any abusive behavior toward anyone based on their religion, culture, ethnicity or colour. The MWL statement was issued from Makkah on “behalf of all Muslims and countries affiliated with the organization’s secretariat, branch bodies and global councils,” it read.
(Extracted from arabnews.com)