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Australia Bushfires: Muslims Reach Out To Help

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Millions of acres of land have been burned, tens of people have been killed, and countless others have been left stranded following the devastating bushfires that have taken a toll on Australia in recent months. The horrifying fires were nothing short of disastrous and destructive. But they were also met with humanity in a time of tragedy. A Muslim group made it out to a fire-stricken town in Australia to offer their support to those who have been affected by the devastating fires.
That’s not all they did.
Over the weekend, women volunteers at the Australian Islamic Society from Newport, Victoria cooked meals for 150 firefighters at the Johnsonville Volunteer Fire Brigade. In just 48 hours, the women were able to supply five trucks of aid supplies, raise $1,500, and organize a breakfast for the firefighters who have been tirelessly attempting to contain the fires that have erupted in East Gippsland.
“No words can describe how proud we are of our sisters, may Allah reward you all. You are an inspiration to all,” the Australian Islamic Centre wrote in a Facebook post.
Offering a helping hand, Australian Muslims have come together to help people affected by bushfires which continue to wreck havoc on many parts of the country, destroying homes and wildlife and affecting the lives of thousands. In Sydney, a group of Muslims has been praised for donating 36,000 water bottles to firefighters struggling to contain the vicious blazes. In another show of support, a group of Muslims gathered at Bonython Park in Adelaide as part of a public prayer service for rains amid the worsening drought and bushfire crisis. “Today I joined with my Muslim sisters and brothers in Adelaide in prayer for rain,” Priest Patrick McInerney, from the center for Christian and Muslim Relations, said.
According to the 2016 Australian Census, the number of Muslims in Australia constituted 604,200 people, or 2.6% of the total Australian population.