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Cardinal and Maulana Propose to send Delegation to Sri Lanka

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The Cardinal (left) and the Maulana

Mumbai: A leader of the Catholic Church and a leading Muslim theologian on May 4 proposed to send a high level interfaith delegation to Sri Lanka to explore ways to help the island nation struggling to recover from terrorist attacks.”The most ghastly serial bomb blasts in Sri Lanka’s churches and hotels on Easter Sunday have shocked the entire civilized society all over the world. We”¦condemn unequivocally these dastardly acts,” Cardinal Oswald Gracias and MaulanaMahmood A. Madani said in a joint press statement issued in Mumbai expressing solidarity with the terror victims.Cardinal Gracias is the president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India, and MaulanaMadani is the general secretary of JamiatUlama-e Hind or the Council of Indian Muslim theologians.”Sri Lanka being our closest neighbour, we are ready with an offer of help to enable the victims to get over the unprecedented crisis in their lives. We propose to depute a high level delegation of various faiths to Sri Lanka to explore the possibilities of cooperation and also to offer our sincere condolence to the bereaved families,” says the statement from the Cardinal and the Maulana.
(Extracted from mattersindia.com)