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Door-to-Door Campaign by Egyptian Women

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Cairo: Muslim female preachers and Christian nuns recently attended an awareness course at Egypt’s Assiut University. This came as part of the training they have been receiving in the Door to Door campaign, led by Egypt’s National Council for Women, in cooperation with the Ministry of Religious Endowments and the Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Church to promote Egyptian women’s issues. The head of Egypt’s National Council for Women, Maya Morsi, said that the Door to Door campaign reached 1 million Egyptian women, adding that “a lot of the problems women suffered from were resolved.”
The Door to Door campaign sought to open informative dialogues that focus on particular issues during face-to-face meetings with women and their families and provide religious, social or legal solutions to the problems raised. Sheikh Gaber Tayeh, the head of the Ministry of Religious Endowments’ religious sector, stated: “The ministry is keen to involve female preachers in this campaign. This is based on its belief in the role of women and their importance in the community, and that the female preachers’ role should not be limited to the mosques. Rather, female preachers should assume an extensive role, reaching out to all parts across Egypt. This is why “” in cooperation with the National Council for Women “” a group of female preachers was chosen to volunteer.”