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Dubai Summit to Combat Extremism

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The UAE has enacted laws and formed government organisations to promote a culture of tolerance and to clamp down on hate crime, the head of Dubai’s Islamic affairs authority said. The anti-discrimination law, that came into effect in 2015 and criminalises all forms of discrimination on the grounds of religion, caste, creed, doctrine, race, colour or ethnic origin, and the establishment of a Ministry of Tolerance are among the ways the country is leading the fight against extremism. Dr Hamad Al Shaibani, managing director of the International Institute for Tolerance, said intolerance and discrimination create a breeding ground for extremism and fanaticism and their consequences need to be addressed. Speaking in Dubai recently, Dr Al Shaibani said: “Wars and famines resulted from intolerance and fanaticism across worldwide communities. “Promotion of the culture of tolerance is key to the elimination of worldwide conflict. The UAE is the first country to establish a ministry for tolerance,” he said. The World Tolerance Summit is scheduled to be held in November 2018, to inform policies and brainstorm solutions to address radicalism.
(Extracted from.thenational.ae)