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How Islamic are ‘Islamic’ Countries?

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A study conducted by Prof. Hussain Askari of George Washington University entitled “How Islamic are the Islamic Countries” showed that most of the countries that apply “Islamic Principles” in their daily lives are not ones that are traditionally Muslim. New Zealand ranked 1st, Luxembourg 2nd,
Ireland 3rd, Iceland 4th, Finland 5th, Denmark 6th, Canada 7th. Malaysia 38th, Kuwait 48th, Bahrain 64th and the surprise: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is ranked 131st.
The study, published in the Global Economy Journal, might be shocking to most of us, but when we look around us and see the reality of the situation, we find that the results of the study are accurate and true. As Muslims we seem to care only about performing religious Obligations/Rituals/Sunnah (prayer, fasting, Niqab, beards, etc), reading the Qur’an and the Hadiths, but we don’t practice what we espouse. Religion should not be reduced to Prayer and Fasting. It is a way of life and it is about how we treat others. Performing a religious obligation is up to you and it is something between you and Allah. However, good ethics is something between you and other people. In other words, if we do not put Islamic ethics into action and practice, corruption will become rampant and disgrace will be our future.
(Extracted from newageislam.com)