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Indonesia to Build  International University

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Indonesian President, Joko Widodo announced plans to build the Indonesia International Islamic University at a meeting in Jakarta recently. Indonesia is set to build a university later this year in what its president and observers say is an attempt to counter Islami”‹”‹st”‹ extremism at home and spread peaceful Muslim values throughout the world.
Construction of the Indonesia International Islamic University may begin in the middle of the year in Depok, West Java. Through the university people from around the globe can learn about “moderate Islam” as exemplified by Indonesia, President Joko Widodo said. He said a number of Muslim leaders told him during an Organization of Islamic Cooperation summit in Jakarta in 2016 that young students from the Middle East would benefit from learning about Islam in Indonesia. “They believe moderate Islam practised by Indonesians is the correct way,” Widodo said. The government has allocated 143 hectares of land in Depok and US$300 million to build the university.
(“‹extracted from ucanews.com)