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Morocco on Global Counter Terrorism Forum

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Málaga, (Spain): Morocco was unanimously re-elected by members of the Global Counter terrorism Forum (GCTF) for a third mandate as co-chair of the body. This came at the 15th meeting of the GCTF coordination committee, held in the Spanish city of Málaga last month. After two consecutive mandates, led jointly with the Netherlands, Morocco will co-chair the Forum with Canada over 2020-2022. The re-election of Morocco is also a recognition of the relevance of its global and multidimensional strategy to fight terrorism and extremism, in accordance with the guidelines of King Mohammed VI. The GCTF brings together 29 countries, in addition to the European Union, with an overarching mission of reducing the vulnerability of people worldwide to terrorism by preventing, combating, and prosecuting terrorist acts and countering incitement and recruitment to terrorism.