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Los Angeles: As a part of an initiative called Two Faiths One Prayer, a group of Jews and Muslims from California gathered at a Los Angeles beach to pray in a display of solidarity. “We were just so surprised that we could do this together and it’s very similar,” said participant Maryam Saleemi. The sounds of the worshippers reciting their prayers in their respective languages, Hebrew and Arabic, mingled with the crashing of the waves. As the devotees laid out their prayer mats, Saleemi added, “It was kind of like an ‘Aha Moment’ that we’re praying to the same God, why aren’t we doing this all the time together?” Two Faiths, One Prayer took the initiative and directed a group of 20 Muslims and Jews to five different sites across the city. The event was organised by members of New Ground, an interfaith organisation aiming to strengthen the bond between Muslims and Jews.