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MWL Chief: Islam Protects Rights of Minorities

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Jeddah: Islamic values preserve the legal rights and freedoms of everyone and these values do not accept any form of division or discrimination, the secretary-general of the Muslim World League said in Abu Dhabi. Mohammed bin Abdul Karim Al-Issa was speaking at the opening ceremony of the Forum for Promoting Peace, which drew hundreds of delegates from diverse religions and international humanitarian organizations. Al-Issa told the audience that the responsibility of absurd words and deeds along with acts of hatred, violence and terrorism fell solely on individuals and not their religion. Another inaccuracy about Islam was failing to realize that it preserved the legal rights and freedoms of everyone without exception, he said. The third mistake was thinking that Islam sought to end other religions, he added, as Islam had been always open to the existence of other religions. Some historical events involving Islam and other religions were political disagreements that had nothing to do with co-existence, delegates heard. Al-Issa said safeguarding minority rights was one of Islam’s values.