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Pope Francis Warns That People Must Care For Creation or Face Self-Destruction

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When it comes to safeguarding creation, there is no time to waste — humanity either must live up to its responsibility or continue on a path of self-destruction, Pope Francis, head of the Catholic Church, recently said, commemorating Earth Day with a video message. The pope appealed to world leaders to “act with courage, work with justice and always tell people the truth, so that people know how to protect themselves from the destruction of the planet, how to protect the planet from the destruction that many times we trigger.”
The pope’s recorded message was aired as part of “Earth Day Live: Restore Our Earth,” a global livestreamed event April 22 sponsored by EarthDay.org.o your dailyree newsletter from
While there has been growing awareness for a long time about the need to protect and care for nature, especially God’s gift of biodiversity, humanity must do so with “the utmost attention and respect,” he said.
The Covid-19 pandemic has shown how interdependent everything is, he said, as humanity must share the planet. “Global disasters, Covid and the climate all show that we do not have time to wait,” that time is ticking and yet, “we have the means to face the challenge,” he said. But the time to act is now, he added; “we are at the limit.”
People have a choice to come out of a crisis “better or worse,” he said. “This is the challenge, and if we do not come out of it better, we are taking a path of self-destruction.”

(Extracted from ucanews.com)