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Rabia Khedr and her younger sister Uzma Khan were awarded Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medals for their efforts in advocating for disabled people. The blind Muslim sisters were among more than 600 Canadian receiving the medals at Toronto’s Roy Thomson in third week of June. Khedr is a well-known Canadian Muslim who has worked tirelessly to raise awareness around disability issues. At university, she became actively involved with the Muslim Students Association (MSA) where she played a leadership
role within the association but never stepped into the limelight. Her activism increased after university. Within days of graduation, Khedr started wearing a hijab. Khedr, who is married and has four children, runs her own consultancy company and has consulted for the Canadian Association for Community Living and Providence Health Care. Khedr’s younger sister, Uzma Khan, has also been active
in disability issues. Khan works in information technology with a Canadian bank and was vicechair of the former Accessibility