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Saudi Youth Invents Unique Bicycle

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Riyadh: A Saudi youth has created a unique bicycle that is attracting increasing attention amongst local cyclists. The bicycle is lit with a projector lamp with a five-meter range, connected by cables covering the bike structure and linked to a generator with a capacity of three volts. The initiative was born out of a desire to reduce collisions by providing cyclists with ample light to accompany their journey and encourage them to venture outdoors.
The 33-year-old Bandar Al-Anzi, a graduate of Dammam Technical College and an employee at a private company said, “The aim of this idea is to prevent motorists from colliding with bike riders while driving at night, and to avert accidents caused by bad vision on dusty or foggy days. I provided a light bulb, powered by a battery with a lifetime of four hours per day.”
Al-Anzi pointed out that he added this special equipment and has been using it the past year and a half; it cost him only around SR 450. He said that people liked and expressed their interest in the illuminated bike, which he dubbed “Hajeen”.
(Reported by Uhud Al Utaibi, Arab News)