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Turkish Parliament Approves Halal Accreditation Agency Law

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Ankara: Turkey’s parliament has approved a law for establishing the country’s first halal accreditation agency.
Under the law, the Halal Accreditation Institution (HAK) will have the sole authority for certifying and accrediting halal products made according to Muslim standards in Turkey. It will also establish offices abroad. The agency will also accredit Turkish and foreign institutions that grant certificates of halal compliance. The agency, with a staff of 50, will be under the Economy Ministry, and represent Turkey in the international arena and obtain membership in both regional and international accreditation unions. The halal food market in Turkey is now worth $6 billion annually, and this could rise to $15-20 billion within a decade, according to Hasan Ali Cesur, head of the Anatolian Businessmen’s Association (ASKON).